RPFAA Dialogue Series: Decolonizing Aid

We are pleased to invite Rotary Peace Fellows to the first event organized under the “RPFAA Dialogue Series”: “A RPFAA Dialogue on Decolonising Aid” to be held on Saturday, 17th July from 9.00-10.30 AM EST with Shannon Paige, main author of the recently published report “Time to Decolonise Aid.”

*Note that this event is for Rotary Peace Fellows only. Please kindly register only if you are a peace fellow. Other events open to the public will be labelled with the “Public” tag. Thank you for understanding.

The RPFAA Dialogue on Decolonising Aid will aim at:
a. Discussing some of the main findings of the “Time to Decolonise Aid” report.
b. Reflecting on how to land some of the Report’s recommendations into concrete actions that can be taken by interested Rotary Peace Fellows (RPFs).
c. Exploring ideas of potential concrete engagement/support/collaboration of interested RPFs with those involved in the report and the implementation of its recommendations.

In November 2020, Peace Direct, Adeso, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security held consultations with activists, decisionmakers, academics, journalists and practitioners across the globe who exchanged insights and local experiences on the current power dynamics and imbalances within the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sectors. They discussed how structural racism manifests itself in their work, and how they envision a decolonised system that is truly inclusive and responds to their needs. Shannon Paige is the main author of such a report that includes contributions from a wide range of stakeholders.

In April 2021, as part of the RPFAA career development virtual series, a group of RPFs met to discuss exploring careers with local level NGOs. While assessing challenges linked to working with grassroot organizations, the need to decolonize aid was brought up by many RPFs as a key debate that must take place not just to expand limited funding, but also to positively transform the peacebuilding field. This first Dialogue is being organised in response to the interest expressed by RPFs during the April career development event.

The “RPFAA Dialogue Series” brings together interested Rotary Peace Fellows and humanitarian, development and peacebuilding experts advancing cutting edge theory and practice in their respective fields to have exchanges to deepen the knowledge of RPFs on new relevant issues, as well as to explore potential opportunities for collaboration between RPFs and the larger humanitarian, development and peacebuilding communities.