RPFAA 2021 Annual General Meeting

Dear Rotary Peace Fellows,

The Governing Board of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Alumni Association (RPFAA) is excited to invite you the 2021 RPFAA Annual General meeting.

RPFAA 2021 Annual General Meeting Details
75-minute Zoom meeting featuring RPFAA reports, feedbacks and speakers
26 October, 8am EST/ 2pm CET / 9pm JST (Check your local time here.)


Indeed, owing to Covid-19, the last one year has been unprecedentedly challenging for everyone. The Governing Board is grateful to the RPFAA community for their resilience and forward-looking engagements in the past 12 months. This year’s AGM gives us the opportunity to share with you the result of some of our collective efforts at ensuring better collaborative partnerships within ourselves and with the Rotary entities, including our pragmatic approaches in expanding the promotion of peace around the globe and responding to needs and yearnings of our members.

This year’s RPFAA Annual General Meeting also provides us with a unique opportunity to hear from the Rotary international President, (TBC) and the recently elected RPFAA Board members.

All Rotary Peace Fellows are invited to attend. Please share ahead of the AGM any question or comment you have regarding the RPFAA.