Registration is now open!

Building upon our inaugural 2020 conference, the 2021 Global Peace Conference promises to be an exciting, interactive convergence of thought-provokers, peacebuilders and everyday people building peace in their spheres of influence.

This 24-hour global peace conference is not a typical academic conference or business networking opportunity. Our value is in dialogue and in collaboration, so everyone – YOU included – has a part to play in making our conference meaningful. We’re excited to have you join this journey!

Please support us: The Global Peace Conference is a volunteer-run initiative. To continue our work and to ensure that people from around the world can join us, we need your help. Donations go towards covering fees associated with conference platforms, registration fees set by Hopin (that we incur on behalf of each registrant so that they can join us for free), and honorariums for keynote speakers and partnering community groups. If you would like to donate to the work of the Rotary Peace Fellow Alumni Association, please click for our donation page.