Fellows in the News

July 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Nico Schneider (University of Queensland, 2019-20) published the article “Will the Revolution Be Tweeted?” in Peace Review. Written during his time on program, the research is based on a case study of Black Lives Matter and analyzes how hashtag-based mobilization via Twitter transforms how social movements garner public support and diversifies the ways people participate in campaigns for socio-political change. Nico notes that: “I wouldn’t have followed up on the paper without the encouragement of my Rotarian host family and the constructive feedback of professor Roland Bleiker at UQ.” Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Lorraine Hayman (International Christian University, 2019-21) has published “Peacebuilders and the Pandemic,” which looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the personal and professional lives of Rotary Peace Fellows. Read the article here or watch a video summarizing the research.

Rotary Peace Fellow and Rotarian Kiran Singh Sirah (Duke-UNC, 2011-13) is the president of the International Storytelling Center. He writes in his latest blog piece, “The Language We All Speak,” about connections between music and storytelling, as well as peacebuilding and healthcare. He shares that “the language of the arts transcends mere words. It’s something deeper that speaks straight to the heart.” Read the blog and learn about the work of the International Storytelling Center and its upcoming programs here.

June 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Maria Julia Moreyra (Chulalongkorn, 2016) writes about her experience volunteering in Guatemala, the people she met, the lessons she learned, and how she became more resilient as a result. She writes: “They taught me that even when life sweeps us away, we can stand up and carry on and be stronger.” Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Kim Weichel (Chulalongkorn, 2012) is delighted to share the launch of her new book called Uncovering New Possibilities: Insights From Our Time. It is about what we are learning personally and collectively during this extraordinary time of the pandemic, and what might emerge from this time. The 10 chapters explore how we can each live in peace during a crisis, how our emotions influence our life decisions; why feminine leadership skills are valuable and needed today; living our second half of life with vigor and grace, living a life with ethical and moral purpose, Eastern wisdom and spiritual traditions, how our lives will change as we come out of this pandemic, and more. To learn more, visit her website Uncovering New Possibilities. To purchase the book, click here.

Rotary Peace Fellow Kate Keator (Bradford, 2017-19), also a Rotary Positive Peace Activator and IEP Global Peace Ambassador, was invited to work with a team of volunteers on the dispute resolution guidelines for AgLanta, an urban agriculture initiative set up by Atlanta’s Mayor’s Office, where she introduced the concept of positive peace. While Positive Peace was an entirely new concept for Aglanta, food system planner Elizabeth Beak she says she cannot thank Keator enough for her insights: “It has been a healing and transformative journey. I hope this can help many grow!” Read more.

May 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Asha Asokan (Duke University 2018-20) published “The United Nations Children and Armed Conflict Agenda: Integrating Child Protection Issues and Children’s Voices in Peace Processes” in the Princeton Journal of Public and International Affairs. Her paper recommends a multi-layered, inclusive approach to incorporating child protection issues and children’s participation in peace processes. Read more.

April 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Thais Rosa Pinheiro (Chulalongkorn University 2019) co-authored the article, “Back to the roots: Quilombola travel in Brazil and West Africa,” for the World Leisure Journal. This study examines travel among the African diaspora as a means of exchange and as a reflection of aspirations of belonging. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Mong Marma (University of Queensland 2015-17) won the 2020 Southern Cross University International Alumnus of the Year Award! Mong continues to fight for indigenous people’s rights, and is doctoral studies to research the justice system for his indigenous Marma community in Bangladesh. Read more.

March 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Dhruti Shah (Chulalongkorn University 2017) has been recognised as one of the 40 Digital Women to Watch in 2021 by the Digital Women Awards. This means the BBC journalist, and 2017 Chulalongkorn fellow is also in the running for the Digital Woman of the Year category. She also made the finals of two other categories – Digital Women for Good and Role Model of the Year. She features in a book alongside the other high-flying finalists. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Bounheng Southichak (Chulalongkorn University 2013) is the managing director and founder of Lao Youth Radio. In an interview with Reporting ASEAN, he discusses lessons around innovation that the station has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and the mission behind his organization. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Will McInerney (Bradford University 2016-18) is a doctoral candidate and Gates Cambridge Scholar at the University of Cambridge, Queens’ College, United Kingdom. He researches and teaches conflict transformation, peace education and men’s violence prevention with a particular focus on arts-integrated gender transformative approaches. In this article for University World News about men’s violence prevention programs as a way to support survivors of sexual violence and hold perpetrators accountable. Read more.

February 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Bautista Logioco (Duke-UNC 2002-04) co-wrote an article published in a Latin American journal of peace and conflict called “Revista Turbulencias.” In the article, the authors propose a decalogue on how to dialogue, particularly with friends and family, in a highly polarized context. Read more (Spanish-only).

January 2021

Rotary Peace Fellow Muyi Yang (Uppsala University 2019-21) shares his journey to found a non-profit school for marginalized children in Syria, including how he received inspiration and guidance from Rotarians and other Peace Fellows. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow ElsaMarie D’Silva (Chulalongkorn 2016) has co-edited a book titled The Demographic Dividend – The Power of Youth for the German Federal Foreign Office’s Global Diplomacy Lab. It addresses the economic and demographic issues that can result in apathetic community of young people withdrawing from participation in political and democratic processes.  Learn more here.

Rotary Peace Fellow Farrah Hasnain (International Christian University  2020-22) writes about her research on multi-cultural identities in Japan, and how her decision to apply for the Peace Fellowship was influenced by the work of a Peace Fellow alumna. Read more.

December 2020

Rotary Peace Fellow Dhruti Shah (Chulalongkorn University 2017) appeared on Do Not Adjust Your Focus, a creativity and strategy podcast. She discussed moving to Thailand and embarking on the Rotary Peace Fellowship and how it has helped her with the way she approaches stories. Listen here.

Rotary Peace Fellow Wendy Sternberg (Chulalongkorn University 2009) is the founder and executive director of Genesis at the Crossroads. On 19 December, Genesis at the Crossroads will premiere The Sounds of Healing virtual concert, featuring a world music ensemble made up of artists from cultures in conflict.  Register at https://soundsofhealing.gatc.org/

Rotary Peace Fellow Chad Shipmaker (Duke University 2009-11) is featured on the Positive Turbulence podcast to discuss big idea thinking and practical problem solving in small town contexts. He also discusses his previous work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, his Rotary Peace Fellowship, and his experience as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student. Listen here.

November 2020

Rotary Peace Fellow Phill Gittins (Chulalongkorn University 2012), Director of Education at World Beyond War, has released “A Global Security System: an Alternative to War.” Read more about the blueprint to end all war, the online study and action guide, and Phill’s work with the RPFAA and the Rotarian Peace Projects Incubator.

Rotary Peace Fellow Jay Gilliam (International Christian University 2008-10) co-authored a report on “Transforming U.S. Foreign Policy To Ensure Dignity and Rights for LGBTI People” for the Center for American Progress. Read more.

October 2020

Rotary Peace Fellow Jamie Leseur (Uppsala 2013-15) has been named Uppsala University’s Alumnus of the Year for 2020. Jamie is global Head of Emergency Operations at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Rita Lopidia (Bradford 2015-17) executive director and co-founder of the Eve Organization for Women Development in South Sudan, received the US Institute of Peace’s inaugural Women Building Peace Award. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Eva Czermak (Chulalongkorn 2017) uses her fellowship background and medical training to ensure that needs don’t get overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Nick Tobia (Uppsala 2012-14) and his team won NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge (Best Use of Data award; Euro Data Cube award) for developing the GIDEON app, which measures the risk and sustainability of post-lockdown economic recovery across the globe, and looks at how countries’ pandemic and environmental management tactics balance with that recovery. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Dongju Brandon Yu (Duke-UNC 2008-10) builds consensus among goat herders to help them earn a decent wage, protect grasslands. Read more.

Rotary Peace Fellow Chia-Yin Lin (International Christian University 2011-13) leads teams that screen travelers in Taiwan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read more.