3 Feb – Rotary’s Diplomats: The Rotary Representative Network

The Rotary Representative Network consists of 31 honorary diplomats designated by the RI President with the aim of fostering relationships with UN agencies and key international organizations and raising awareness of Rotary programs. The network advances Rotary’s century-old tradition of fostering global harmony. Through the Representatives’ participation in various high-level meetings and events, they help advance the aims of Rotary around the world – chief among them the eradication of polio and new actions, including on the environment, Rotary’s newest area of focus.

Lear more with:

Ana Patel, Rotary Peace Fellow and Rotary Representative to UN Women; Judith Diment, Dean of the Rotary Representative Network and Representative to the Commonwealth of Nations; Josephine Ojiambo, Rotary Representative to UNICEF, former DSG Commonwealth, and former Kenyan Ambassador to the UN; and Wayne Charles III, Associate Rotary Representative to the United Nations in New York